1) Randy Baker Looks Happy Because...
He got some balloons
Vodka Tonics all night long
He can't decide which of the 15 people on his lapel he is tonight
He just finished putting the chair covers away
2) Who was voted Most Likely to Succeed?
Jin Kim & Lauren Berryhill
Shelly States & Jeff DeLoach
Jeff Barton & Janelle Wertzberger
Amy Taylor & Ben Sharber

3) Who was voted Most Talented?
Jin Kim & Amber Hutchison
Thui-Lynh Nguyen & Christopher Thompson
Mike Berry & Jennifer Swantkowski
Daniel Terrenzio & Linda Besse
4) Who was voted Most Witty?
Rob Cooksey & Jennifer Hawley
Dave Womack & Shawn Doty
David Lama & Paige Parker
Brooke Betts & Brent Binder

5) What is our school mascot?
Who the heck knows?
6) Who was voted Best Dressed?
Daniel Terrenzio & Linda Besse
Justin John & Lauren Berryhill
Christiaan Torrez & Erik Hellberg
Dr. Carthel & Janis Franklin

7) Where was the 2008 Reunion held?
Omni Energy Corridor
Kegger off of Barker Cypress
Crowne Plaza Energy Corridor
Hotel Icon Downtown
8) Who was not a Senior Class Officer for 1988?
Sandra Duncan
Jeff Deloach
Yiewen Liu
Mike Campassi

9) Which was a Crystal Ball Prediction about Samantha Welsch
Finds Mr. Right & lives happily ever after
Teaches a "How to Speed on Memorial Drive" class
Becomes dictator of the world
Becomes a scalper to every Eddie Murphy concert that comes to town
10) Which statement is false?
Rams football played at the Astrodome
MCHS golf won first place in a golf tournament
Seniors raided the Junior Picnic
MCHS Senior Men's Club was started in 1988